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DFM Research has been providing political and marketing consulting services to a select group of clients since 1997.

Founded by Dean Mitchell, DFM Research has a proven track record of providing quality public research, based on sound fundamentals, that helps move and generate public and political debate.


Dean Mitchell has more than twenty years experience in the political and non-profit arena. His research is combined with sound theory by way of his Master in Public Policy (MPP) degree from the University of Minnesota's Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs.

Dean has polled on political and policy issues around the country. Most notably, he accurately predicted the outcome of the 2012 U.S. Senate race in North Dakota. While others predicted an easy Republican victory, Dean predicted within one percentage point, the final outcome of the key Senate race, which is regarded as the biggest upset of the 2012 election.

Dean serves as a political adviser to the Transportation Division of SMART (Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, Transportation), providing consulting and policy research services that the union's senior leadership utilize in their bipartisan legislative lobbying efforts in Congress and in state capitols across the United States. 


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